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Words of Wisdom
"My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am"
~author unknown 

Owner With Dog

My name is Sharon and I am the owner and “Leader of the Pact” of Paws Above The Rest. I started full time when I opened my Pet sitting and Dog Walking business January 1, 2008. I created this business to service those families who need to go away on business or pleasure and cannot take their pets with them. I take pride and pleasure in spending time with your pet to give him/her the attention they need while their family is away.

I provide a safe and comforting service by caring for your special pet as if they were my own. My promise is to provide your pet with incomparable one-on-one care and this friendly, responsible and reliable service will provide you with the peace of mind that your pet is receiving the love, attention and exercise that they deserve while you are away. My goal is to provide you with the ability to travel guilt-free knowing that your pet is safe and happy.

I finally found my passion and that was being around and caring for animals. I decided to add Dog Grooming to my services in 2011 and completed my training to become a certified Dog Groomer. I wanted to create something different than most groomers so I only take appointments for 1-2 dogs per day so that every dog can have a less stressful experience. But best of all, I don't consider my work as a job because I am able to do something I love and what I am most passionate about, which is providing love, attention and the best care for your pets. I feel they are not just our pets; they are truly an extension of our families.

This means no waiting in kennels, they can take a break if the need to in a secured & enclosed yard where they can socialize if they like with my 3 babies, Holly, Sydney & Choo Choo. I found by setting up appointments this way gives each pet a more calming experience which reduces the stress and anxiety that some dogs have when getting groomed. 

In 2011, I started working with “WAGS” an adoption facility located in the Westminster Veterinarian Clinic. I donate my time grooming & bathing the rescue dogs that are waiting to find their new homes.

Be Kind to Animals

Click on the Yelp Icon and see my "5 Star rating” on my Grooming Page to see what my grooming client's are saying.

If you are interested in giving a dog or cat a second chance at life qnd would like more info please call  714-887-6156 or just "click" on the "WAGS Icon to the right to go directly to their site (lWAGS IS located in Westminster Veterinarian Group) So if you are looking for a new Veterinarian this is the place!! Call Westminster Veterinarian Group at (714)-899-1100. Please check for additional information on Westminster Veterinarian Group's Website -.

Choo Choo www.westminsterveterinariangroup.com. The staff is caring and compassionate while giving your pet the highest quality veterinary care. That’s how I found my newest member of my family, a Terrier mix that I named “Choo Choo”


WAGS is non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best quality care, advocacy and shelter for lost and homeless animals seeking new permanent loving homes. WAGS is located in the Westminster Veterinarian Group. WAGS also accepts all donations. Please call or "click on" the WAGS ICON above to find out what you can provide to help a dog or cat in need.

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