At Paws Above The Rest Dog grooming I offer a different kind of dog grooming service. Your dog will have a unique grooming experience by being pampered in a less- stressful atmosphere. I do everything I can to make the experience a happy and comfortable one because it’s important not to add stress to your pet grooming experience. I also think it is important not only to make your pet smell & look great but to use only the best quality products that contribute to healthy skin and a healthy coat.


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Paws Above the Rest

If I notice anything during the bathing or grooming process that may need your attention I will provide you with a Pet Groomer’s Report and Health Alert Card so that you can bring it with you to your Veternarian.

Appointments are required.

The difference is that the entire day is scheduled just for your dog(s) (up to two dogs per client) so there is no waiting, no kennels and an enclosed safe yard for them to take a break or wait for you to pick them up after their groom. This gives the client more options: on the scheduling times in the morning or early afternoon, your dog will not being around the noise from multiple dogs barking while waiting in kennels for their turn to be groomed or to be picked up, If your dog needs a potty or just a calming break they can in the comfort of an enclosed yard.

"Pet Taxi" Service- Some of you have busy schedules so I can pick up and drop off your pet when they are scheduled for their groom or bath for an small additional charge. (Some millage restrictions may apply for Pet Taxi Service).


I offer things that most Grooming Spas do not:  

I have the most up to date equipment that most groomers may not have. Although I will hand dry each dog, I have the option of using a Large Kennel Dryer for those dogs that have added stress while being dried by a hand dryer. This dryer creates a relaxing area to dry and not have the noise or hard pressure of air in their faces which can create some stress on some animals. It is very roomy and has the option of 1 or 2 dogs drying at the same time. The heat is regulated and has an emergency shut off, so it's very safe. It's just another way to create a less stressful atmosphere for your pet where they can relax while drying. Some shops don't have this option and hand drying in the face area can become bothersome to pets and may even make them scared and uncomfortable. That is why I have another option of  a direct and calming drying method . There is no rushing which I have found to be extremely important for example, when clipping a dog’s nails or any part of the grooming process. I will give your pet a break if needed, to relax or go potty in a secure yard to just calm down instead of restraining your pet or keeping them in a kennel for long periods of time which can cause unnecessary stress.

“Mellow Pet Spray” is an “All Natural”, herb based spray made with Lavender, Sweet Orange, Vetiver (the root of an Indian grass), Clary Sage & Marjoram. This is an immediate response formula to help calm your pet during their grooming procedure at no additional charge. This calming spray also is included with your bath or groom at no extra charge. This you can order from me. I use this on all my pet’s to relax them during their groom or baths. “Mellow Pet Spray” is also great to use at home. You can use this spray on your pet to sooth and calm during travel, fireworks and crowds or anytime when you’re pet needs calming.      

Paws Above The Rest uses all Natural products, shampoos, conditioners and sprays.

No alcohol base products for, ears skin or coat. This protects your pet from any stinging, drying, burning and skin irritants and much healthier than products that contain alcohol.

 At no extra charge I provide a professional eye protectant (Safe Eye) this is a gentle formula giving a temporary ophthalmic barrier that is used before applying shampoo and flea dips to protect your pets eyes.

Free Eqyss Leave In Avocado conditioner or Anti itch spray with every bath or groom.

These are just a few of the "extra's" that I offer to make you and your pets' experience more pleasurable and less stressful. 

I always use the "Original" pet care  products and not imitations.


Only the best products are used: All Natural, PH Balanced, Premium Shampoos, Conditioners and Sprays that are individually selected for your pet's needs. I offer packages like the “Furminator" de- shedding shampoo & treatment solution that will help get rid of the undercoat and shedding hair up to 90%! This includes an additional Furminator brush out (20 min) with their specially designed tool used for this brush out & de- shedding process. Every pet deserves to be pampered! But be aware that some shops do not use the Furminator product and charge for it. Always ask if they are using the number one and original...."Furminator" and not a generic formula.
 Add a "Blueberry Facial" for only $5.00. This facial includes a facial massage to comfort and keep your pet calm during their bathing process. It not only smells great, it gives your pet a relaxing moment of massaging while they have their bath. Just another way to reduce any stress your pet may have. Mention my website and first time clients will receive a "Blueberry Facial" at no extra charge!  There are substitutes but there are none like the "Original" Blueberry Facial & Shampoo by "South Bark" I am proud to say that I only use the BEST for your best friend! We have many types services, products, shampoos, conditioners & spray to meet the needs of your pet.

Pamper Your Pet

South Bark Dog Wash

Here are just some things we offer to make your pet feel better and contribute to healtier Pet:

Medicated Bath- Is your dog in need of some special help? As your Pet Care Pros professional, I have a full line of medicated bath products, sprays and special procedures to ensure the full benefit of the service. From the most mild to the most intensive, our Medicated Bath will provide the relief your special one needs. We don’t try to diagnose medical conditions. For that, you will need to see a Veterinarian. However, if your dog is unusually itchy, has irritations, patchiness I will select the best level of support and perform the exacting procedure to provide the best and most immediate relief.

Dental Tooth Brushing- Add to your groom or bath for only $ 5.00 when this service is added to a bath or full service groom. Ask about the prices for Dental Tooth Brushing and other Ala Cart Services. Mention you were on my website and recieve a Free treatment of “PetzLife” Oral Care Spray. This spray helps remove plaque & tartar, control bacteria and freshen breath.

You also can purchase a 2 oz bottle of PetzLife” oral care spray to use at home to get maximum results (This spray really works!!) This will reduce your dental cleaning visits with your Veterinarian and is a natural base. Tarter on a dogs teeth can cause future health problems so if you can’t or don’t have time to brush on a regular basis this is the great product and easy to apply. You can purchase PetzLife from me to increase your pet's dental care. Please call today for special treatments and packages available just for your pet!




Bath Includes:
Nails clipped, dremmelled & filed (if needed)
Ears cleaned & Plucked (if needed)
Anal glands expressed
Hand dried and brushed
Sanitary trim included with all baths
Full Groom includes:
All of the above with a personalized hair cut.
Ala Cart services available (nails, anal glands & Teeth)


Call or email me today to schedule your  individual appointment so we can custom tailor a grooming package for your pets' specific needs.

Because of this unique grooming experience, it is by appointment only and notice is required prior to scheduling your pet’s appointment.  But always check because same day appointments may be available.

Price quoted over the phone are assumed that your pet’s coat is in good condition and is not matted.

Price may be higher breed, depending on size, type of coat condition, and degree of difficulty.


For the benefit of both the pet and the stylist, we will not continue working with vicious or aggressive pets and may refuse service. If a pet is upset, we may skip any stressful procedure or take a “time out” before we continue.


I am Insured, Licensed & Bonded and trained & certified in Pet CPR and Dog Grooming